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The purpose of this site is to bring all Maheshwaris together by providing a medium that facilitates friendship and networking, understanding and discussion of common issues, awareness of current events and sharing of ideas. Active participation from all the Maheshwaris is thus encouraged and appreciated in achieving this goal.

To establish and reinforce contacts with Maheshwari all over the world.

To pass our heritage to our children in order to help them preserve their identity and the values we believe in.

To involve youngsters in our community activities in order to carry on the mission of Maheshwari ideologies, faith and culture.

To extend financial and moral support to underprivileged & needy students and families.

To implement, follow and create awareness about the schemes / appeals released by Akhil Bharatvarshhiya Maheshwari Mahasabha (ABMM), theparent body.

To maintain coordination between local bodies (Taluka Sabhas / Nagar Sabhas / Jilha Sabha) and National Organisation (ABMM).

To get Government recognisation to Maheshwari Caste and find the possibilities of getting special status under the present Reservation Policy that can help our eligible and hard-working students in securing admission for higher education and professional studies.

A Scholarship Fund Program was started which helped several Maheshwari students. Students, who graduated havenot only repaid their scholarships back to the Fund, but also added to it, and are now taking active roles with the activities.



Organization of get-togethers on occasions such as Holi, Diwali, Mahesh Nawmi, other religious festivals and cultural functions.

Meeting periodically to exchange views, brainstorm new ideas to provide information beneficial to our community in meeting its objectives.

Publication of Directory listing the details of the Maheshwari families including children and the youths who live alone.

Raising of funds for the scholarship program & needy families.

The present reservation policy of Government of India is bad and hampering our scholar students very much thus conducting census of Karnataka-Goa Pradesh Maheshwaries and on this basis impress upon Government to claim special status as per reservation policy.

KGPMS co-ordinates and helps needy members to get aid for medical treatment, education, soft loans for businesses etc. that are made available by various State level and National organisations set up by Maheshwari Community.